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Minecraft Roller coaster


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About This Project:

The Minecraft roller coaster is an amusement park ride that would go great in anyone's Lego city or on its own. It is tons of fun to play with and beautiful to look at. This project was so much fun to build. There is a crank operated conveyor belt on the hill to pull the cart to the top and down the other side. After that you have to use your finger to push the mine car the rest of the way around. I tried to fit in as many elements from the game as possible like biomes, characters, items, and other details. Then i made the ride details to make it look more like a roller coaster. I added the front desk with pig mascot, the ender dragon coming out from under the hill, the line up area and exit, the sign with speakers and Minecraft items and Steve, and the control area on top of the tower.

Play Features:

  • The mine car can move smoothly on the tracks with a gentle push.
  • The conveyor belt can pull the cart up and over the hill.(the mine car makes it to the corner after the hill.)
  • Ender dragon can be posed a little bit.
  • Door opens to bottom of the tower.
  • Conveyor belt is hand crank power.
  • Enter and exit gates to ride open and close.
  • Mine car holds one minifigure.
  • Control room on top of tower has a computer,working levers, and a master shutdown switch. Also in case of a break down there is a radio, wrench, and a flashlight.
  • There is a boat from minecraft which can be turned or taken off to play with. It is connected but just by one stud.


  • Mine Car
  • Boat
  • Six minifigures(non minecraft characters).
  • Thirteen Minecraft minifigures.(four Steves, two endermen, one Alex, one creeper, one zombie, and four skeletons.
  • Five Minecraft animals the cow, the sheep, the mushroom cow, the wolf, and the spider.
  • Four blocks of tnt, two furnaces, two crafting tables,three redstone blocks, one coal block, two diamond blocks, and one lapis luzi.
  • Assorted accessories for minifigures like a wrench, a flashlight, a radio, a balloon, a pretzel, two cookies, five bow and arrows, one diamond pickaxe, one diamond sword, two iron pickaxes, one iron sword, one wood shovel, a carrot, two redstone torches, and seven torches.
  • A jack o'lantern, wheat, a tree, and mushrooms.
  • Two treasure chests with bread.

Please support the minecraft roller coaster if you like it. It was so much fun to create and to play with too. Thank you for your support and happy building.

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