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L'Supervivere: A Steampunk Automation


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Over the course of several years during the great industrial age, this mechanical suit was created by the lesser-known Professor Stewart Phoenix out of disused parts scavenged from various scrapheaps and abandoned factories around the outskirts of Victorian London, hence L'Supervivere's rather cobbled together and unusually complex appearance.

The original and sole purpose of L'Supervivere was to be used by Professor Stewart Phoenix to protect his family and his estate, Phoenix Manor, from destruction, but over the years this technical monstrosity was also used for several other suitably vital causes, such as fixing leaks in the Manor's roof and rescuing cats from trees. The most notable alternative use of L'Supervivere was during a lengthy voyage abroad, in which it was used to navigate the treacherous rainforests of the Amazon and defend a party of explorers (including Professor Stewart Phoenix himself) against any threats they may have encountered.

At the end of Professor Stewart Phoenix's long and fruitful life, he proclaimed in his last will and testament that L'Supervivere would be passed down to his eldest and only son, Dr Joseph Phoenix, on the sole condition that it mustn't be used for any type of criminal activity and that at the end of his life, he should also pass on L'Supervivere to his eldest son, and that this son should pass it on to HIS eldest son, and so on until what is only described within Professor Stewart Phoenix's will as "The end of all days", but so far no-one has been able to fully understand the meaning behind this choice of words. Mysteriously, after being passed down through several generations L'Supervivere and the Phoenix bloodline completely disappeared from public view in the early 1920s. It is still rumored that L'Supervivere still exists in its original form to this day, but the location of the suit itself and it's rightful owner is currently not known...


So you may have come across this page thinking "What is a Lego Ideas anyway, and how does it work?". Simply put, Lego Ideas is a crowdfunding website where people can propose their own ideas for Lego sets, and if they get to 10,000 supporters Lego themselves may consider producing it as an actual proper Lego set you can buy. Oh yeah, and supporting projects on here is completely free. What's not to like? 


Now you may be thinking "Ayliffe, why should I actually support this project?" Well, although Lego have produced many mechs over the years they've never done anything truly steampunk-esque, so combining these two elements into one detailed set should keep both mecha and steampunk fans alike happy. It's a pretty big gap in the market to fill, and maybe this set could deliver as the best of both worlds. 


First of all, if you like my model and wish to see it on shelves near you in the future, support it by clicking the big blue button to the right. If you've never voted for a project before, it'll ask you a couple of simple questions such as how much you would pay to buy it in real life, and that's it!

After this, you may be wondering if there are any more ways you can help get this project of mine 10,000 supporters. Well, if you really like it you can share the project on all of the usual social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and maybe even Google+ if you're one of the 10 people that use it! If you're feeling generous, you could even follow me on Twitter and Flickr for updates on this project! 


Although compared to other Ideas projects with major IPs and such, L'Supervivere shouldn't have many problems getting through the review (IF it even gets to 10,000 supporters, which is an entirely different kettle of fish), the one main problem that I can see it having is the amount of pieces i uses that aren't in production, and will never likely be put back into production due to their specific uses, for example the BIONICLE mask mounted on the shoulder, and the two BIONICLE face elements on either side of the cabin. Although the model will be redesigned IF it gets greenlit for production, it'll be incredibly hard to redesign it without these elements, but then again this didn't stop the Exo Suit from being successfully redesigned.

Anyway, more updates will be arriving in the near future, so stay tuned for those...!

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