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Catan - The Settlers

Hello everybody, today I would like to present you my newest project: Catan - The Settlers.

Due to the current situation we are playing board games in the family again very often at the moment. One of my absolute favorites is the game "Catan - The Settlers".

In this game, you have to collect the most points by building settlements and cities. To build them you need raw materials like: Ore, clay, trees, wool and straw.

You can see how much something costs by looking at the building costs on the maps.

How do I get raw materials? It's very simple, on all resource fields tokens with numbers are distributed. If you roll one of these numbers and your settlement is located on this field, you get a raw material from it. If you have a city at this field, you even get two raw materials.

To expand your area you need roads. With the roads you can reach more and more resource fields and then conquer them with settlements.

When we played a round the other day, I had the idea that you could also build it out of Lego. Since there are many expansions to the game, you can expand the whole game with existing Lego bricks and design it the way you want.

The game consists of about 1500 parts and contains the following:

- 19 playing fields
(4x straw field, 4x wool field, 4x tree field, 3x ore field, 3x clay field)
- 4 border fields
(4x water)
- 12 streets, each in red, blue, yellow, white
- 4 settlements, each in red, blue, yellow, white
- 4 cities, each in red, blue, yellow, white
- 1 cube
- 4 construction cost maps

I would be very happy if this would be implemented as a Lego set, because there are so many possibilities to extend and expand the game.

Game fun for young and old!

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