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Fishing Boat



Ever need to catch some fish? Well, my Lego Fishing that I designed myself on Lego Digital Designer (LDD) can do that for you. My fishing boat includes an upper deck with container to store the fish and crab after the fisherman catch some. Also, it includes two large mast that I intended to have strings hanging from one to the other but, Lego Digital Designer doesn't have a feature so you can do that. A fully detailed cabin is included with the captains quarters on the upper floor and the beds on the bottom floor. I designed the top floor so it could be easily removed to easily access the bottom floor. Also, the roof on the top floor is attached with hinges so it can easily be accessed. The railing around the boat provides safety for the fisherman, it was made from brackets and tiles. The net on the back of the boat if attached to a winch with chains and string so you can easily turn a simple crank to bring the net back on the boat. The anchor basically works the exact some way as the net with a crank and chain. Thanks for checking out my Lego Ideas Project.

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