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ERCO Ercoupe


3D View

I have uploaded this to Mecabricks to present to you a 3-D model:


Please let me know what you think, and if it actually works...



Working on instructions...

I've been trying to make instructions for this since there's no way it'll make it to 10k, but it isn't going well... Apparently LDraw and LDD don't make as good of instructions as you'd think. They had me trying to add parts inside the plane, after the spot had been covered up. This may take a while.


A Proper Propeller


I realized today that I had mistakenly given the Ercoupe a three-bladed propeller when it was actually supposed to have a two-bladed one. I could find no examples of an Ercoupe with a three-bladed propeller online, so I built a proper propeller for both my physical and digital models. This reduces the part count from 269 parts to 265. I had hoped that a preexisting propeller part would have worked, but the ones I could find were 2 blocks too short.

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