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Gothic Castle


Thank you so much for your support! 5K 🧁🥳

This is my first project that hits the 5K milestone. I'm really happy to see all your comments, feedback and support. Thanks again for all the good vibes!


So you wanted a full gothic castle?

First, thank you all for your support! I really appreciate!

Some comments expressed their disappointment when they find the build is cut in half.
This is unfortunately not by choice. The explanation is simple: the full castle exceeded the part limit.
So I had to scale it down for Lego Ideas.

But I think it might be nice to give you a glimpse at the full castle. So here we go!

As you can see, the castle can open and reveal the playable interior. I’ve made sure that it can be displayed both open and closed without altering the visual appearance. 

The castle closed.

Rear views open.

There’s a lot of details changing throughout the many rooms. So I will list the different features :

  • The great hall: the main staircase, candlesticks, a chandelier, a fireplace with a luminous brick which is activated by pressing the exterior wall, a table for the guests, two old knight armor, large stained glass windows, a rose window, a hunting trophy and a portrait of the young count.

  • The library: a map of the constellation of Cancer and a mechanical model of the solar system (orrery) suspended from the ceiling.

  • The basement: a cell (just in case), the servants quarters, the kitchen, the pantry, the wine cellar, the servants' entrance and a back door.

  • The first floor: the master bedroom with a four-poster bed, a clock, a piano and Gothic-style furniture (a wardrobe, an armchair and a chest of drawers)

  • The second floor: the office with its secretary desk, a telescope, a potions shelf, a treasure chamber, and an altar dedicated to a lost love.

  • The facade is Gothic style with flying buttresses, pinnacles, pointed arches, bas-reliefs and, of course, gargoyles.

Thank you for reading me and keep on having fun with bricks!

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