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Gothic Castle


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Welcome to the Gothic Castle 

At the top of the mountain, leaning on the cliff stands a once glorious castle. The old count welcomes his guests to his home. But as they wander through the castle, they start to feel uncomfortable. A shiver went down their spines. Maybe just a draught? Is the count hiding a dark secret?

I had this fantasy castle idea for quite a long time. Instead of a medieval castle, I wanted to use gothic architecture and style.
Here you can find: candlesticks, a chandelier, a rose window, a hunting trophy and a portrait of the young count, a library, a pantry, the cellar, a four-poster bed, a clock, an armchair, an oil lamp, an altar dedicated to a lost love, the office (with its secretary desk, a telescope, and a potions' shelf) and of course gargoyles.

It all comes with 5 minifigures: a servant, a lady, 2 gentlemen and the Count.

About the build:
Model size: 31.7 x 14 x 62 cm / 12.5 x 5.5 x 24.4”
Total parts: 2995.

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