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Park & Children's Playground

This is the Park & Children's Playground. It comes with two minifigures: a boy and a girl.

This is the side view of the playground. There is the ladder going up to the playhouse with red roofing, a bench, a mailbox, and some foliage near the ladder. In the playhouse there is a black window with white panes.

Here is the little girl playing in the sandbox. The sandbox is gray with tan and yellow bricks for the effect of the sand. She does not have a double-sided head. In the back of her is a small tree and a plant.

Here is the park bench and the yellow mailbox. The slide is shown with the boy about to go down.

These are the two kid minifigures. They have short unposeable legs. The boy has a black hairpiece, a casual jacket with printing on the back, and black pants. The girl has a brown hairpiece, a cardigan with a white undershirt, a necklace, some back printing, and beige pants.

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