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Map of France

Why I Made It.
I didn’t exactly know what to build at first when I started to think about my European background. So I tried to find some inspiration off of that. I looked at inspiration such as houses, castles, and landmarks. But that is when I thought of a map. Something you could have somewhere just as a decoration. And so I considered a few places like the U.K or Denmark and Iceland. So, after that, I decided to go with France. 

The map was built with around 300 to maybe 350 Lego bricks and is simply the flag of France in the outline of the country I also wanted it to be made so it could hang from a wall or door. To do this, all I did was pretty much flatten out the inside so you could put it up with taks or nails behind it. And that’s all I can really say about my map of France

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