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Aunt Sarah's Cafe


Welcome to Aunt Sarah's Cafe!  This Cafe has the best food in town! Come take a seat and fill yourself with all the sandwiches you can eat and the most delicious soups ever made!  Owned by the famous cook known to one and all as Aunt Sarah, this cafe will satisfy your hunger.  Service is impeccable from Kidd, the best waiter in town and Delivery Boy delivers your meal hot and fresh.  The apartment upstairs, where Aunt Sarah lives, is charming and colorful.  Spread the news that the ultimate cafe has come to town!

This three floor walk-up Modular lego building fits perfectly on any lego street and is a welcome addition to any Lego City.  Your mini-figures deserve a delicious, home cooked meal!

This original project was designed and built by Evie and Elise M. (ages 13 & 11)

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