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Skyscraper Collection


This model was designed to be a cool and sleek display for a group of three skyscrapers. There are zero studs showing on any place in the build and they were not modeled after any specific skyscrapers. The white plate in front of the buildings would have a small title on it. Heres a quick description of all three buildings:

Blue tower: This tower is a modern and sleek design including a lot of great texturing and a tall antena. This building includes lots of silver and gun-metal gray elements to look as if it is metal.

Clock tower: This is an older rustic clocktower that has a great mason brick patern displayed on the side. Even though this building is the oldest it is still the tallest in the collection. It also features some great windows all the way up the front-side.

Red/Turquoise tower: The last tower is an ultra modern tower that includes a curved design. The big stripes along the sides were to add a pop of color to the color scheme and has large skylights along the top.

This set would be a great addition to any microscale city and can be easily removed from the display stand for easy access. I am open to any suggestions you might have in the comments! Thanks for your support!     -jkashuk3304


Last Updated: 7/14/20018

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