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Roller Skates

This idea came from my niece, she loves to play roller skates. I want to make a pair of roller skates and give them to her as a gift. I've tried designing roller skates for display, but haven't named a brand yet. If this work is published, I look forward to supporting suggestions on how to name it.
1. There are four wheels in a row instead of traditional square skates.
2. Try building with printed bricks to make the set come alive.
3. Display, indicating that this set can be given as a gift to others.
4. To fix the feet, there are three locks on the skates. I used colored printed tiles instead of black tiles to build the lock. Because this is a wonderful and amazing gift, I look forward to the happiness it brings to the person who receives it.

418 parts
Size: 20 x 18 x 17.5 in stud

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