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America's Cup AC72 Catamaran


America’s Cup AC72:  Team USA - Oracle / Team New Zealand - Fly Emirates

Wind, waves, nature, speed, and technology. Sailing is a relentlessly exciting sport. Mother Nature has been powering the spectacle of America’s Cup sailboat racing for nearly 170 years. I hope you enjoy this majestic model of the AC72 with a choice of building in either the Team USA - Oracle or Team New Zealand - Fly Emirates livery.

In a world of racing dominated by motorsports, sailboat racing offers a unique experience. However, the heritage and history of the America’s Cup is complex. Filled with a host of stories, many not even about racing.

In 1987, though controversial, the twin hull boats were introduced into the sport. These have been the prime subject of America’s Cup racing for the past 30 years.

Incredibly expensive and exclusive to only the wealthiest teams these twin hull beasts were some of the most amazing and beautiful boats ever created. This boat, the AC72, was one of the largest of the racing twin hulls. With enormous fixed wings and extreme speeds, they stand as a testimony to resourcefulness, ingenuity and competition. I hope our creation helps you experience the awe inspiring nature of this amazing boat.


  • AC72 twin hull, yacht
  • Water base with support pieces
  • Build Option: Choice of Team USA - Oracle or Team New Zealand - Fly Emirates livery
  • Four minifig crewmen (Fly Emirates or Oracle)
  • Interview Podium for minifigs
  • America’s Cup Trophy replica
  • Decals for either Oracle or Fly Emirates
  • Three section articulating wing sail
  • 3000 pieces

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