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Medieval Market Village (Mini)

This LEGO set is a medieval village. Its features are two small buildings, in one the bottom floor is a blacksmith's forge, and the top is a small kitchen. The second building has a bakery in the bottom and a bedroom in the top. In the room, there is a doorway that leads to the small balcony. On the outside, there is a stand selling fish. There is also a farmer boy feeding the chicken and the pig. In between the two buildings, there is an alley with a rat. Outside the blacksmith's shop, there is a garden with carrots growing. There is also a large tree. There is a small merchants cart with some supplies in it.
I built this set because I wanted to build a large medieval market village but I did not have enough pieces to build that so I built this mini version that is packed with detail.
I believe that this would make a great Lego set because I think this could be a great display or playset for all ages.

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