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KLM A330-200 (α Stage)


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“Final Boarding Call for Flight KL0001 to LEGO City. Please advance to your gate.”
“This is such a big aircraft Mum! I want to fly that one day!”
“… Welkom aanboord! Please sit back, relax and enjoy your flight. Thank you for flying KLM today.”

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LEGO has made various aircraft in their history. About 15 years ago they were small and 4 studs wide. They were constructed of real LEGO pieces. Currently they are big and up to 8 studs wide, and are made of large molded LEGO pieces.

Ever wondered about the size/look of LEGO Aircraft? Well, I have: they have either been too small as they had no aisle/lavatorie/baggage compartment. Nowadays they are a little too large; they are so big that they are hard to play with. Personally, I have tried to create LEGO Aircraft and besides the size issue they are very difficult to construct, due to the curves of planes. If I were to design a plane it would be like this. With just over 2500 pieces, this aircraft could be priced around $250 like the Modular Sets.

Please note that this project is scheduled for realisation (β Stage) in early Q2, 2013.

I would also like to apologise for the pictures. I will take better ones once I build the model!

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This aircraft is based on the A330-200, however its size has been adjusted so it is not to big for play and large enough to have aisles/lavatories/baggage compartments. The scale is such that Minifigures fit it, can sit down and walk around. There about 30 seats, depending on Class configuration.

The Minifigures which could come with the Set:
1 Pilot
2 Flight Attendants
3 Passengers

In the Cabin, from front to back, it features:
Cockpit with Door
Galley with 2 Operating Doors, Crew Seat and Kitchen
World Business Class Cabin (Currently with 4 seats)
Galley with 2 Operating Doors and Lavatory
Economy Class Cabin 1 (Currently with 10 Seats)
Economy Class Cabin 2 (Currently with 14 Seats)
Galley with 2 Operating Doors, Crew Seat, Kitchen, Lavatory, Crew Seat and Coat Room
*Please note that in Economy Class Cabin 1, 2 Emergency Exits (Over-Wing) can be found as well. In addition to that all Cabins have Overhead Luggage Compartments.

There also are:
2 Luggage Compartments (below Cabin, one at the Front, one Aft)
Retractable Landging Gear
Working/Moving Flaps in Wings
Wings have Dihedral (Tip is higher than Root at Body)
Detachable Roofs for all Cabins and 2/3 of Galleys