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Marian's Rescue


International Robin Hood Day

Happy International Robin Hood Day! The figure Robin and the legend have taken many forms over the years, such as in the ballads, Ivanhoe, and many great TV shows and movies—that is the beauty of it. Thank you everyone for bringing these projects closer to being reviewed by Lego! I truly appreciate your support. Be watching for an update of Robin Hood and Little John's look in their projects!


Instructions after 1,000 supporters

For any of my Robin Hood Lego Ideas projects that make it to 1,000 supporters, I will post an LDD file showing how to build them on the Lego Robin Hood Facebook page. Thank you for all of your support and shares!


All Robin Hood projects posted!

All four of my Robin Hood-themed projects, each of them featuring a prominent member of the Merry Men, are online. Here are the links to all of them:

Robin Hood's Trysting Tree—

Little John's Lair—

Marian's Rescue—

Will Scarlet's Post—


If there is enough interest in these projects, I also have a bonus Merry Men project that I will add. Thank you very much for supporting!


Facebook page

I just created a Facebook page to promote this and my other Robin Hood projects, so feel free to join at You are also welcome to share ideas here and your own creations.

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