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Blacktron Laser Thrust


Close, so close


The Raz... I mean, the Laser Thrusts hyper drive seems to run low now, I expected that. Well, here's some shots of my ship in the snow, back when we had snow in Berli.. I mean, on Hoth.
Maybe that is cool enough to get it to 1000 supporters?

One of the Blacktron Thugs gets on the speeder bike to scout for some mischief but they didn't see the New Republic Space Police landing troops nearby. When the crew gets to the data antenna, Officers are already there starting pursuit.

Hit Support, if you want them to reach the Laser Thrust again to flee from the law or wait for what happens if you don't. (They probably are going to Kessel or Raxus Prime for forced prison work...)


Thanks for 500 supporters!!!

Wow, this is great, thank all of you so so much!!

Let's aim for 1000 then 😁

Of course this is all a long shot and if doesn't work in the end, I'll not be sad because even now this is all so much fun, never thought of even making it this far.

However, I wanna give you an impression of how it might look if the Raz... pardon, I mean Laser Thrust was in an actual shop window

It's the Otherland Scifi and Fantasy bookstore at Bergmannstraße in Berlin, Germany. I always buy my books there and one day I asked them if I could display Lego models in their window and the rest is brick history!

(I don't get any profit by doing this but for an opportunity to display my models! I asked beforehand if I was allowed to do so!)

There you are... no, I promised some new terrain. This one fits the other one perfectly and widens the possibilities of play and display.

Ok, here we go... no wait, here is the Laser Thrust again with a much more interesting background setting. These pictures are from my first session of taking pictures but they weren't in the right format for an Ideas submissions

OK, that's enough for now, but at 1000 supports I'll drop some more stuff

Hope to see/read you then, stay healthy and never forget: This is the way!



Thanks for 100 supporters and now 250!!

Oh wow, i like how this is going! Its only been 12 days, thank you guys so so much!!

To celebrate this, here is a picture of the Laser Thrust and its sister vessel, the Blacktron II Knave I.

I have lots of more surprises up my sleeve to give you further Blacktron content. Let's go up to 500, then I'll show you another matching piece of dark tan terrain!

Happy new year, this is the way!!

Sincerely yours