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Blacktron Laser Thrust


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The Laser Thrust is a very old, very reliable ship in the Blacktron fleet and is piloted by a crew of Blacktron mercenaries. In the set they rake havoc on a peaceful CS engineering camp and steal valuable information and newly discovered minerals.

I once built another very well known bounty-hunters' ship in the second Blacktron style so my collection and my current display MOC (a huge spaceport) are desperately waiting for a ship in the older Blacktron style. Besides I am a huge fan of the new TV-series the Laser Thrust is obviously based on! I could not resist to turn it black'n'yellow.

I believe that this would make a great set for AFOLs, it's a little tricky to build but goes without any Technic connection. Despite its large size it's totally stable so it's also reliable in play. For a long time now I believe that fans all over the world are longing for cool reimagined Lego sets, what they loved as kids in a refreshed design. This set combines several spheres of nerd-dom and can still go as purely Lego themed.

It features several hatches and retractable landing gear, comes with a roomy interior with lots of accessories, the cockpit seats two minifigures. The big Blacktron symbol on the rear is put together with yellow triangular roadsings. The section of terrain is interchangeable, it features 3 slots to put transparent bars in so it can be as a stand for a ship in fly mode, or just change to blocks to make it a minifigure play display, in addition there is also a little exploration habitat that has room for the two CS astronauts. 

I had lots of fun building this and I really like the idea of switching themes, hope you guys do to! Check out more photos soon on flickr and reddit!

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