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R/C Ferrari 599XX EVO (Scale: 1:10)


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Hello, everyone

This is Shinn and I have something to show you today.

Do you guys still remember in 2007, the LEGO and the Ferrari made cooperation. On account of the cooperation, the LEGO launched lots of official Ferrari models by using the kits from LEGO. This series was belonged to the one called the RACERS. And there were two models using the Technic kits--the #8145 Ferrari 599GTB and the #8653 Ferrari Enzo.

Because of the halting production, the #8145 and the #8653 has been so rare since 2007. For an instance, today, the price of the #8145 on the Amazon is almost 900 dollars. And there is only one kit available on that website.

The question comes--how could you get the LEGO Ferrari 599GTB model with a reasonable price? Well, my new creation gives you a chance to handle this issue if this project has already got enough supports.

Honestly, it is not an ordinary 599GTB anymore. I used the original #8145 kits and lots of kits from other Technic series to build it, which made the model become the racing version of the 599GTB--the 599XX. And then you can use some kits to turn the model into the improved version of the 599XX--the 599XX EVO.

Not only that, I have also improved many parts of the model. Let me show you some main features about it.

Features-exterior and interior details:
1. Perfect scale for 1:10;
2. Micromesh color separation and bodywork;
3. Fully crafted interior and exterior;
4. Available kits for transformation between the 599XX and the 599XX EVO;
5. Unique using of water-based stickers and metallic stickers;
6. Self-made matte black wheel hubs and headlight cover;
7. Openable engine cover, doors and trunk cover;
8. Mimetic naturally aspirated 6.0-litre V12 engine with the openable cylinder cover;
9. Working steering wheel;
10. Black sports seats with adjustable headrest;
11. Simulated roll-cage;
12. Angle-convertible rear spoiler(in 599XX EVO model);
13. Front F1 style independent suspension system;
14. Rear independent suspension system.

4、可通过替换零件来实现599XX和599XX EVO的转换;
12、角度可调节的后尾翼(在599XX EVO的模式下);

Features-electric details:
1. Remote control RWD system;
2. Remote control steering gear;
3. Remote control self-made LED headlights.


I have posted some detailed pictures on this page. But if you want to see more characteristic photos, click the link below and you will find more high-quality photos on the Flickr.

Click here for additional HD photos on the Flickr

Furthermore, if you want to figure out the making process, you will find it on the link below.

By the way, the link below will lead you to browse a Chinese BBS, and the language shows on that page is Chinese. But I believe you can understand what I was doing and what I have done by watching those pictures, right? :-D

Click here for making process and more details (Chinese BBS)

Please feel free to ask me questions about the models or give me some suggestions on the comments of this page.

Thank you for your reading and I will appreciate that if you can like it and support it!

Shinn Song

The side of the model.

The trail of the model.

Avaliable kits for transformation between the 599XX and the 599XX EVO.

Remote control self-made LED headlight.

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