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The Planetarium Immersive Room

This build represents a generic planetarium immersive room, with 52 tilting seats and armrests, a fully set up control room, a half dome screen which can bear constellations stickers (yet to create), a marvelous and mighty suspended Saturn planet and a real exit door.
Each seat row is fixed on a stair-like level in the room, as well as the corridors and control room, as the Planetarium can be mounted on its stand to reproduce the original inclination of such show rooms.
In this prototype, 11 meeples went for the show, given by an outreach scientist (fully equipped with a walkie-talkie and a microphone).
The 4 image projectors are represented at their correct location for a 3D astronomy show (explaining why Saturn is floating above the heads of the enthousiastic meeples).

The Planetarium is made of 2862 LEGO bricks and has a diameter of about 30 cm.

Conceived by an outreach scientist who works at a planetarium !

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