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Escher Lego Library

Update: I built another version with real lego (you can see it in the last to pictures and the link provided), this one contains walls and books. The stairs can only be used from one side because of the normal 2x4 bricks. I don't have any 1x1 brick with knob on the side but you can see how it works in the renderings.
Here are the real Lego models.

Maurits Cornelis Escher, usually referred to as M. C. Escher, was a Dutch graphic artist and one of my favourite painters.
Escher's paintings show great geometric flexibility and impossible constellations (something to wonder).
I recently found a very nice image (I've found it as a nice 1000 pieces puzzle) called "The Ludicrous Library" by Colin Thompson which shows a warlock's library and laboratory filled with tons of books and small magic creatures. This image is directly based on Escher's painting Relativity from 1953.
The fun thing is that Relativity served as inspiration for some MOCs like these:
- one version with red minifigs,
- another with gray figs
- a really outstanding Star Wars version
- a beautiful classic space version
- a fantasy version

A warlock's lair with library would be awesome, too. I figured out a very simple technique based on the 1x1 brick with one knob.

1x1 brick technique image.
And get the LDD.

Hires image 1.
Hires image 2.

Renderings were made using LDD2Pov.
"The Ludicrous Library" was drawn by Colin Thompson.

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