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Pinball Machine


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I really love playing with Lego, and also playing pinball. I created this Lego Pinball Machine as a challenge and was amazed at how realistic the proportions are. For example, when the flippers are just the right size for a realistic gap between them.

The pinball machine has:

  1. a slider to load three balls,
  2. a button to release one ball into the shooter lane,
  3. a springloaded plunger,
  4. one flipper button on each side.


The pinball machine is made from approximately 1200 pieces. It is 32 studs wide (25.5cm, 10") and 59 studs long (47cm, 18½"), not counting the plunger and flipper buttons. It is 14 studs high (11cm, 4.4"), not counting decoration.

It has been developed and refined over time to fine-tune critical components, such as the plunger mechanism and various parts of the playfield.

The plunger is powered by a Technic shock absorber. The flippers have rubber bands to make them return when the flipper button is released. There are 15 other rubber bands in the playfield for the balls to bounce off.

There is an outlane on either side of the flippers. If the ball goes down here, you will lose your ball.

The tiled pattern of the playfield can be redesigned for any desired theme.


The pinball machine would make a fantastic set because of its wide appeal to adults who enjoyed playing pinball in arcades in their youth. It is robust, having been tested by hundreds of kids at Lego shows, and is challenging enough to make it exciting to play.


Comments and questions are welcome! Also, check out the YouTube video showing how realistic the pinball machine is to play.


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