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Laputian Robot (Castle in the Sky)


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This proposed set depicts a highly flexible model of a Laputan Robot from "Castle in the Sky" (天空の城ラピュタ Tenkū no Shiro Rapyuta), the traditionally animated film by famed director Hayao Miyazaki and his studio, Studio Ghibli (株式会社スタジオジブリ Kabushiki-gaisha Sutajio Jiburi).

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The movie follows two main characters, Sheeta and Pazu, as they search for a legendary floating castle that roams the skies, kept afloat by the power of the aetherium crystals. This particular castle was built by the powerful but long disappeared Laputans, who also built technologically advanced robots to protect the castle with powerful bodies and lasers on their heads. As the abandoned castle wanders miles above the Earth's surface unnoticed (protected by a giant thunderstorm cloud), the robots alone are charged with protecting the plants and animals peacefully inhabiting the pools and forests that surround the castle, while waiting for a new Laputan ruler to return.

This recreated scene from the film shows the remains of a dormant Laputa robot captured by the military, held in a secure cell with a single spotlight on its torso. It is thought that this robot could be brought back to life with a secret spell.

Here are three views (back, side, front) of a typical moss-covered robot with a fox-squirrel on its shoulder. Each arm has a ball-and-socket shoulder joint for free movement, as well as 8 snap-hinge joints for bending of the arms, connected to a hand with four hinged fingers for grasping objects. Each leg has 5 similar snap-hinge joints to let the robot walk. The torso swivels around the hips for more flexible body movement, and to cap it off, the head can swivel 360 degrees as seen in the film. The fox-squirrel is detachable for more play.

This shot also represents a scene from the film in which a peaceful, sluggish robot offers a flower to Pazu and Sheeta. The robot drudges slowly through the forests, accompanied by a pack of tiny fox-squirrels to keep him company on the tranquil island. Here you can also see some more detail on the hands, arms, and torso, and a small portion of the range of motion this model is capable of.

What other views or details or poses would you like to see? Drop a comment and I will do my best to comply!

Please support this project if you are like me and would love to see LEGO and Studio Ghibli join forces--and leave children and adults alike with the fruits of a partnership that combine some of the most creative and imaginative talent of our time!

Built completely with standard LEGO elements

Only one piece requires unique printing: One red 1x1 tile with print of Laputa's emblem on the torso of the robot

615 pieces.


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