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Sankaty Head Lighthouse


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Update 1: Lots of changes with real build

Hi supporters and followers! Thanks for checking in on this update! There's a lot going on with this set as I have actually built it now. 

Check out my time-lapse video of the build:

Lots of improvements to talk about:

  • Swapped landscape colors so fairway is now bright green and rough is dark green. Easier to acquire parts that way. Bright Green is scarce in small parts.
  • fortified the top where the light is so I could remove that quickly and easily.
  • Added a layer at top of white base section to make it easier to pull apart the upper portions of the set. This was essential given how often I was placing and pulling the motor connection.
  • Added lots of little design features, to landscape. 
  • Removed all bricks that didn't exist in LEGO database and swapped them with bricks that did. 

You might notice some minifigs that probably won't be a part of this set in some of my photos... I was just having some fun. 

Thanks for your support!