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Sankaty Head Lighthouse


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This is Sankaty Head Lighthouse (and a tiny part of the Sankaty Head Golf course). Located on the eastern shore of Nantucket Island/Town/County* in the village of Siasconset, this light is a favorite of vacationers and locals alike. Built in 1850, the light used to feature a home immediately adjacent to it, and now it sits next to the 4th hole green and the 5th hole tee of a beautiful private golf course. 

In 2007 to preserve the light for future generations, the Sconset Trust took ownership of the light and moved it to a safer location 123 meters away from the edge of the cliff it sat upon.

Check out this video of the epic move.

Sankaty Head is one of my favorite lighthouses - plus I love Nantucket, and this is a truly beautiful spot. 

This set has 1364 bricks. My favorite feature is the light-brick just under the top canopy and the mirror connected to the motor at the base that spins creating the effect of the light actually working. I included a hatch to access the motor's switch too. 

More information about the light can be found here: 

Sconset Trust

and here:

Lighthouse Friends

Here is a link to Google Maps If you're curious as to where this lighthouse is located.



*Nantucket is the only place in the United States that is an island, a town and a county all in one. Just a bit of trivia for you all! 


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