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Small Imperial Brig "Swift"


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Thanks for checking out my latest project, the Imperial Brig "Swift"


Following the success of my other three ships, I decided to build a few more! To start off my second run of ships, I made a small 14 gun big with a brick built hull. This was my first time making a brick built hull, and I think it turned out pretty well. It includes 14 brick built cannons, 6 on each side with 2 bow chasers. This model consists of 1934 species and would come with 9 minifigures. It includes the governor and his assistant,tThe Captian, first mate, and 5 crew members. I completely brick built the sails for this models presentation, but if it became an actual set then official sails would definitely be used.

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You can check out the rest of my fleet as well as the rest of my project here:


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