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Horse has played an important role throughout human history all over the world, such as transportation, trade and agriculture. In fact, horses are symbols of nobility in Europe. Riding horses is not only an art, it involves skill and knowledge. Equestrian has a long history in summer Olympics, dating back to the 1900 Summer Olympics (the first in which women participated). Women and men compete together on equal terms in Equestrian.


This horse-riding set is designed for its lively good looks and it is fun to play with. Besides capturing the perfect look and posture of the horse, many efforts was put in to make the horse poseable so that the horse can show many lively movements.


This project comes with many accessories, the horse is highly poseable, and with multiple supporting stands, the horse is ready to show many cool postures like walking, running and jumping. The equestrienne is highly poseable too. She can show many riding postures (fully sit on or body lift-up). The equestrienne can be displayed as exciting horse riding as well as stand alone with alternate parts.


This set is for all who are sport enthusiasts, interested in learning about sport and horseback.


I hope you like it!


-Vincent Q

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