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I have yet to see a stadium set for Lego, therefore I decided to build one. There have been many people who have built actual stadiums, but I was hoping for a larger more detailed stadium. So here it is. It is not complete as the computer memory it will take to build digitally, I do not possess and the lag time took forever. In the next shots I will tell of my ideas to add to the stadium.

I am stuck on trying to build a roof, or at least, artistic design elements. I have done a couple, but did not like the product. Also there are plenty of rooms to add differnet vendors under the stands at each end zone, or possibly a see through locker.

This shows the pizza vendor in the upper deck. There is more room for more vendors as well. I do have T.V. cameras around the stadium, but I am missing a good press box. I believe I would add one to the suite boxes, but I was keeping in open to begin the process.

Painted seats to distract the visiting team I thoutght was a good touch, plus two jumbotron/scoreboards should keep things lively. There is an unfinished section that nearly any idea could be added.

Ahh, vending machine. Could put a few of these around as well. I also thought about adding a parking lot, but the stadium is the real focus.

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