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Wednesday The Room And The Balcony


The set is created in LEGO with 1810 pieces. This represents the bedroom and the balcony of Wednesday Addams in the series currently on Netflix.

As in the series, la chamber à 2 coter, I played with the colors in order to render it dark for the quotation of Wednesday and light for Enid.

The set can be turned in 2 directions, on the bedroom side or on the balcony side where she appeared with her cello in the 1st episode of the series.

For props, Wednesday Addams features her cello, and the sofa are beds. Also, her desk has her typewriter. 
For Enid, the accessories are very colorful, she is of course, accompanied by her stuffed animals and her four-poster bed, as well as her desk.

This set contains 1810 pieces, and I hope many of you will like it and support my new project.

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