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Mini Golf


Take part in an EPIC, bite-sized journey for par. This fully-equipped mini golf hole includes a windmill, clubs, a light post, and multiple water hazards. The set is playable, and it makes an excellent display piece. I have incorporated tons of texture and a rustic feel to the windmill and scenery, and the vibrant colors of the natural landscape really make the model pop.

I built this mini golf hole because I have always admired the large, imaginative structures found at a putt-putt place. I tried to build a classic element, the rotating windmill obstacle, in order to recreate the fun of a mini golf game.

Lego mini golf would be a great set because it displays a picturesque and iconic scene that can be admired and built by Lego fans. There we some interesting building techniques at play here, which will surely be fun for any Lego builder or enthusiast. 

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