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BART NRVE 5006 Maintenance Train

The official follow up to the Bay Area Rapid Transit set ( is here.

This is the maintenance and engineering unit for the BART system located in the San Francisco Bay Area. This engine hauls the many flatbeds and cranes that work on the BART lines doing track repairs amongst other jobs. It will be used to fix up the transbay tube, or the underwater tunnel connecting San Francisco to Oakland. 

This set is to say thank you to those women and men who labor for the safety and convenience of the many thousands of commuters who use the BART system to get to work everyday. 

This engine includes the following:

-Removable roof for cab access
-Cab doors to mimic access for workers
-Realistic decals
-Three track workers

*Side note*
I will be focusing more on school and life goals so unfortunately, I will not be uploading anymore projects for the foreseeable future. However, in the mean time, please keep the existing projects alive!

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