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Jose's Inn

This build is a three story Inn with fully decorated interior and exterior. It has removable stories and roof with full access to the inside.
The bottom floor features an open kitchen area and dining area, along with a fireplace/oven, reception desk, and pantry. The Inn also has a garden in the back and a stable for patron's steeds.
The second story features straight Tudor paneling and has 3 guest rooms with matching furnishings. There is also an outside balcony and storage in the tower.
The top story features attic living area for the employees with their beds, furnishings, and other few belongings. José's cat lives up there until he gets a bit older. There is also a private area in the top of the tower where José likes to relax and read in the evening.

The Inn was built by former pirate José, previously known as Tattooga. His grandfather owned an inn, and José brought his old sign with him when he became a pirate. After he left Redbeard's crew with nothing but a pig and chest of gold, he settled in the village of Bricksford by Brickwood forest. He found a plot of land near the center of the village, and used all his pirate treasure to build a magnificent Inn, placing his fathers sign above the door.
He has two employees, who are engaged, and they serve a wide variety of guests in their dining area and guest rooms upstairs. José, his kitten, and his employees live in the attic on the 3rd story, except the cook, who has his own house.
Pilgrims, knights, and villagers all flock to the Inn, seeking safety from outlaws, a warm bed, or good food and cheer.

This build was inspired by the Medieval Blacksmith. As soon as I saw the blacksmith set, I wanted to build a building in the same style and scale to compliment it.
Thanks to SacBB LUG, Brickscalibur, Eurobricks, Brothers Brick, and Hermitcraft for inspiration and encouragement for this and other projects.

Building Techniques
The arch over the doorway is made using carefully place SNOT bricks and angled 1x2 tiles.
The grapevines are made by sticking plant stems through the lattice into the wall along with purple Ice cream scoops for grapes.
The Tudor paneling on the upper stories are made using Pythagorean triples and quarter circle tiles, along with different SNOT bricks to achieve the complex angles.
The smoke is constructed upside down using round plates and tiles along with slide shoes to create realistic texture.

Thank You
Thank you so much for supporting this project. I had a ton of fun building it and hope you enjoy looking at it and supporting it
Your support allows this build and future medieval buildings to be a possibility, and means a lot to me. I'd appreciate your comments in the comment section and support,
Don't forget to tell your fellow Lego loving friends and family and share on social media and other sites. May Lego Castle continue to expand and thrive!

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