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Merlin: Wraith Duel


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“It's my guess we're dealing with a wraith.”

BBC’s wonderful show Merlin has run for five thrilling seasons and now the adventure continues in LEGO form! The series Merlin is a reimagining of the classic King Arthur tales, with the sorcerer Merlin as a young man living in Camelot where magic is banned. He must conceal his powerful abilities while protecting the kingdom. Filled with magic, action, and monsters, Merlin would be a perfect addition to LEGO.

This set is loosely based on the episodes, “Excalibur” and “Valiant.” As the kingdom of Camelot holds its annual knight’s tournament, Arthur finds himself facing the ghostly Tristan de Bois, AKA the wraith. Will Guinevere’s support give Arthur the strength to defeat the wraith? Will Merlin’s magic be enough to save his friend?

The main feature of the set is the tournament arena of Camelot. I did extensive research to get the look and feel of the arena right and true to the show.

Many show accurate elements and accessories are included, such as: Uther’s kingly throne; a shield stand with the Camelot shield, Tristan de Bois’ shield, Rowan Tree shield, and Knight Valiant’s enchanted snake shield; a weapons rack with three swords and a flail; a lightning bolt for Merlin; two horses for jousting; Tristan de Bois’ sword; and of course, the sword Excalibur.

Six minifigures are included: the brave prince, Arthur; the queen to be, Guinevere; the young warlock, Merlin; the scheming witch, Morgana; the thick headed king, Uther; and the evil wraith, Tristan de Bois.

This set would allow Merlin fans to reenact many key moments of the show in LEGO form, as well as create their own magical stories in a land of myth. If you want LEGO Merlin to become a reality, please support and spread the word. Thank you for reading.

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