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Architecture - Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City Skyline


Light and Space

The right-hand part of the cityscape employs a forced perspective to feed an otherwise expensive part of Ho Chi Minh city on the architectural diversification. We can't miss Saigon Notre-Dame Basilica (Duc Ba Church), a symbol of French architecture, using luxuries the red bricks. Moreover, we have a small white statue of Our Lady of Peace in front of the church.

In the middle of the skyline, Nguyen Hue Walking St which I put in the front of 42 Nguyen Hue Coffee Apartment so that it could highlight the facade of the apartment building with many colors of nature. You have to use your imagination that you are walking on the beauty of Nguyen Hue street with colorful flower arrangements. At the end of Nguyen Hue street, you will see the Saigon River. You will feel comfortable as it has a harmonious combination of the river and nature in the city with tall buildings. On the architectural line, I scaled-down Bitexco Financial Tower assembled horizontally. With the eye level, I would like to choose Nguyen Hue Walking St doing as at the heart of the city so that to make more power of tall iconic buildings and classical buildings. All are lined up on the horizontal to build up very nice three dimensional and perspective on the Ho Chi Minh City skyline.

Actually, Landmark 81 also is built by using the same technique a bit like the real one. I always consider this tower with levels of every single tube structure while building the model. Its design concept is inspired by the traditional bundle of bamboo, symbolizing strength, and unity in Vietnamese culture.

My favorite part of the model is actually the power. Its apparent simplicity is the power that is the power of architecture, architecture skyline.

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