Product Idea

Sports Car Collector Set

1 LEGO KIT - 2 LEGO CARS - 28 Different Sport Car Configurations - IT'S INCREDIBLE!


With this proposed LEGO KIT, you build 2 cars with 28 different possible configurations with approximately 480 Blocks.  The chart below more clearly shows the options with a picture of each of the 28 different car configurations.

SuperGT Panther - Coup, Spyder and GTR

Sparrow - GT/RS Coup, Targa, Spyder, Supercharged, Nomad, and GT3

Sparrow GT3 - NEW LEGO Car Model Type


Since there is a racing version of the SuperGT Panther (SuperGTR Panther) why not a racing version of the Sparrow too!

So here is the Sparrow GT3 ...

So now with a single LEGO kit, with about 400 blocks, you would be able to make 2 LEGO Sports Cars!  AND there is a total of SIX different variations of the Panther AND TWENTY-TWO different variations of the Sparrow.  So YOU have the choice of TWENTY-EIGHT different cars you can build!!!

Here is what I think the LEGO Team Octan car would look like (but not part of this kit)

Sparrow Nomad - NEW LEGO Car Model Type


What do you think?  I'm adding a Nomad (Sport Wagon) build option for the Sparrow.

I've also updated the Sparrow GT back-end for the 2017 Model ...

I changed from 4 taillights to 2 and moved the exhaust pipes from the middle to the sides.  The Sparrow RS still has the middle exhaust pipes and 4 taillights.  I think this revised back-end looks more like a GT.

SuperGTR Panther - NEW LEGO Car Model Types


I've created a racing version of the SuperGT Panther and updated the original SuperGT Panther.  Here is the NEW SuperGTR Panther in both Blue and Red:

SuperGTR PantherSuperGTR Panther

In additional to some body changes it now has an adjustable rear wing.

I've also updated the SuperGT Panther Coup and Spyder with a new fixed wing.  Here is the Coup and Spyder in both Blue and Red:

SuperGT Panther CoupSuperGT Panther SpyderSuperGT Panther CoupSuperGT Panther Spyder

So now there is 6 different configurations for the Panther:

  • SuperGT Coup in blue
  • SuperGT Coup in red
  • SuperGT Sypder in blue
  • SuperGT Spyder in red
  • SuperGTR in blue
  • SuperGTR in red

Adding in the Sparrow RS Coup, Targa and Spyder in both Red and Blue makes for a total of 18 Sparrow configurations.

  • Sparrow GT Coup in blue
  • Sparrow GT Coup in red
  • Sparrow RS Coup in blue
  • Sparrow RS Coup in red
  • Supercharged Sparrow RS Coup in blue
  • Supercharged Sparrow RS Coup in red
  • Sparrow GT Targa in blue
  • Sparrow GT Targa in red
  • Sparrow RS Targa in blue
  • Sparrow RS Targa in red
  • Supercharged Sparrow RS Targa in blue
  • Supercharged Sparrow RS Targa in red
  • Sparrow GT Spyder in blue
  • Sparrow GT Spyder in red
  • Sparrow RS Spyder in blue
  • Sparrow RS Spyder in red
  • Supercharged Sparrow RS Spyder in blue
  • Supercharged Sparrow RS Spyder in red

So with this single LEGO Project you can build two cars in one of 54 different combinations (6x9).

Let me know what you think.  I'm very excited about the new SuperGT wing an SuperGTR!!!


The SuperGT Panther vs SPEED CHAMPIONS McLaren P1


The cars that I have designed work well with the CITY sets.  Here is a picture of the SuperGT Panther and a LEGO CITY Police Car:

Although both the SPEED CHAMPIONS and my designs comfortably fit a single LEGO Minifig, the SPEED CHAMPIONS (and yes, I have them all) are slightly larger. 

I have been able to design my cars with a lower over-all profile.  Notice the front of my car is about half the height of the McLaren P1 front. 

Over-all length and body height are shorter too.  So although the SuperGT Panther does not resemble any specific car it is more streamline than the SPEED CHAMPIONS series.   Also, my designs use LEGO blocks for the details, such as lights and stripes rather than using stickers.  The only sticker that I apply is for the console.

Additional Project - Sports Car Garage


Check out the Sports Car Garage.  It works well with this set.  It includes a hoist, the optional Sparrow RS design and the ability to show the Sparrow RS with two different types of engines.  With both sets you can convert the Sparrow GT from this set into a Sparrow RS.  Also the hoist is designed to hold both the Sparrow and SuperGT Panther.

Sparrow RS Spyder on the Hoist with Standard Engine

Sparrow RS Spyder with Supercharged Engine