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Taylor Swift Lover House

What is it?
This is the Taylor Swift Lover house from the Lover music video. This is built out of many different colorful Lego and has techniques inspired by other creators as well (noted below).

Why did you build it?
I have loved Taylor Swift for years and have more recently gotten interested in Lego. With Taylor Swift's recent release of Midnights and tour announcement, she has been all over the news. My friend saw a post on Reddit about building the set for Lego IDEAS, and I knew I wanted to try this build. I feel like I need to start a club for people who are at the center of the Venn diagram for Lego and Taylor Swift.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
I see the Taylor Swift Lover house as a combination of the architectural Lego sets and the pop culture sets. This set has the opportunity to bring together major lego fans and new folx.

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