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Shipping Container Retreat


UPDATE #2 - Interiors

In this update I have made some changes to the interior
These include:
  • New colouring on bed cover
  • Dressing table moved to opposite side of room
  • New abstract artwork added
  • New chair, floor lamp and side table with coffee cup
  • Console table shortened and moved to front entrance to make room for a new couch
  • Shelf with books and plant added above couch
  • New abstract artwork added
  • Bathroom door colour changed
  • Toilet roll holder added besides toilet


Update #1

In this update I have made some minor revisions.

These include:

  • The addition of 2 x minifigures
  • Changes to the shape of the shipping containers to make them more square and realistic
  • Moved the staircase to the end of the deck to make the deck a bit longer
  • Extended the balcony so that the entrance from the staircase is more than 2 studs wide
  • Changed the colour of the rocky landscape to remove all of the tan bricks 
  • Minor colour and detail changes throughout


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