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Shipping Container Retreat


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These days more and more people are downsizing and moving into tiny houses to enjoy a simpler life and get back to nature.

Interior Details
Just because you have decided to live a simpler life, doesn't mean you can't do so in comfort and style.

The ground floor of this retreat comprises of:
  • An entrance with an abstract artwork and console table with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and newspaper ready to read the headlines (and remember why you escaped society in the first place).
  • A kitchen and dining area with oven/stove, dining table and wall mounted shelf (with bottles and salt/pepper shakers)
  • A spacious sofa faces the outside area so that you can relax and unwind in comfort while you take in the beautiful view.
  • An acoustic guitar hangs from the wall, where it is ready to go for those spontaneous jams and romantic serenades by the pool.
  • Finishing off the ground floor is an ample sized bathroom featuring a toilet, shower and vanity/basin finishes off the ground floor.

The second floor of this retreat comprises of:
  • A cosy bedroom with wall to wall windows where you can take in the views while relaxing in bed
  • An abstract artwork with shades of blue, compliments the bed covers and exterior shipping containers
  • A chair with floor lamp and side table with coffee cup
  • A dressing table with a succulent to bring a bit of greenery and colour into the room

Exterior Details
  • Steps carved into the rocky terrain lead to the front entrance and pool area, which can also be accessed from the private deck through the living area.
  • An external staircase from the deck leads up to the second floor, with a spacious balcony and table for two.

Building Features
  • This model has been built in a modular format. The roof can be lifted off and the first floor can be separated from the ground floor for access to the interiors.
  • A large amount of tiles have been used, with a very minimal amount of exposed studs to create a realistic, lifelike model.
  • The walls are double layered - to allow for a detailed, realistic representation of a shipping container on the exterior without compromising the modern interior finished.
  • It consists of approximately 1600 pieces, all of which are existing parts/colours.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read more about my project. I hope you enjoyed it and liked it enough to give it your support.
If you could please share this with your friends and encourage them to support too, it would be very much appreciated.

Many Thanks!

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