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Log Cabin

This is a log cabin in a forest setting with four trees, each featuring autumn leaves. As you go in the door, to left there is a bathroom with multicolored tiled floor, shower, toilet, and sink, to the right there is a closet with bow, hunting vest, and jacket. Further down the hallway, there is a cozy living room with carpet, fireplace, logs, bookshelf, chair, and lamp. Across from the living room, there is a small bedroom with bed, featuring green sheets, and dresser with a mug on top. There is also a full kitchen complete with drawers, counter, sink, stove/oven, and a fridge. Next to the kitchen there is a table and chair with croissant and mug. A back door leads out to where Jason, the owner, splits his logs for firewood. I hope you enjoyed this model, and, if you did, please support!

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