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Doctor Who LEGO sets

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Decision on Our Ability to Produce this Project

Since our last comment, we have begun looking into the feasibility of license agreements earlier in a project's life cycle. Another Doctor Who project reached the 1,000 milestone, and at that point we decided that since another company has the construction toy license, we will not pursue this further as a potential LEGO IP. You may read our comments on that project as well.

This decision of course takes nothing away from the great models and presentation you have here--they're outstanding. We're sorry to disappoint.

Opening ourselves to new product suggestions invites popular ideas that don't always work. We are grateful for the spirit behind projects like the Doctor Who and for the opportunity to be challenged. It keeps us sharp and looking toward the future of the LEGO brick.

Congratulations on 1,000+ Supporters!

Dear nabii,

Congratulations on all of the supporters! This is a beautifully detailed rendition of the TARDIS from Doctor Who. Great idea, and it's clear from this project that a lot of people are interested in seeing us produce a Doctor Who set. We especially like the interior detail, and the Daleks!

Best of luck on your journey to 10,000 supporters!

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