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Grocery Store


A Grocery store...


This Lego Set is a grocery store with the owners' home in it. The store: white (the part where you buy) lilac (the area where you have access to the store or climb thanks to a staircase, in the house). The house has outside beige and white stripes, and the corner-windows will allow you to see the surrounding landscape. The shape of the store is a truck, but without  wheels. On one side there are blue rolling shutters from which you can recognize the three types of shop. The other side, in the inside, has attached freshly baked fruit, bread or brezel; There are also boxes on a table where you can place foods. At the bottom of the table, six types of ice-lolly are placed together with a wide variety of milkshakes. All of this is paid by the chest located near the icicles. Customers can wait their turn in the shop garden, comfortably equipped with benches and tables.



When I had designed this Lego Set, create a story, it was quite easy:
One day, the two owners of the shop, begun to work. After breakfast they went down the stairs, they opened the door but ... they didn’t find all the cherries they had prepared the night before. Besides that, the shopping bags  are destinated to the customers were all on the ground.
Who did it?
They have been robbed.
they began to pick up the bags before the first customers arrived. Alfred, was there at 7:59, before the shop opened. The shopkeepers didn’t know what to do.They didn’t hear any noise during last night.
Who could have been?
Maybe the dog that the two owners had?
Or the postman who brings every morning the mails?

you’re wondering why, you shall buy this product?


Why you buy?

Are you perhaps asking why you buy this product? It is full of accessories, suitable for children and teenagers of all ages. Multipurpose. You can shut down the shop, or just part of it, using the home to accommodate some special customers and invent thousands of stories. Lego Set is not very difficult to build, and once completed, the result will be fantastic. With about 900 pieces it will be good to create and invent many things. Thanks to the nature lovers will observe colorful flowers, and gourmets, take an ice-cream or a smoothie and chat with friends, and the idea was conceived. One day, I went to the market to buy fruit and vegetables. While I was walking, a thousand perfumes surrounded me and they pampered. I was passing lots of stores I was wondering how I could find inspiration in that world of colors and scents. I went home and I did my work...


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