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Mercenaries of the North


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From the cold, high North they came...

The dwarven and viking mercenaries have been hired to fight in a war which isn't theirs, but they will fight for their new masters and in case of a victory, they will get everything, they've asked for.

I always liked dwarves and vikings so I had the idea to combine both themes and heres the result.

The set contains:

  • Three dwarven Soldiers
  • Two Vikings
  • A Yurt (with safe, chair and table)
  • A fireplace with bank and a cooked fish
  • A ruin with a streamer
  • A torch
  • A weaponrack
  • A bush
  • A boardgame
  • And various items

The yurt can be opened for a better use and the minifigures equippment can be changed in many ways.


Thank You for taking the time!

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