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Gingerbread House


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Gingerbread House

The art of creating a house out of gingerbread and decorating it with candy and sweets is a tradition that began in Europe hundreds of years ago but has since spread around the world. The gingerbread house as we know it has become an iconic part of popular culture and is often associated with Christmas as an edible decoration as well as the Hansel and Gretel fairy tale.

My LEGO Gingerbread House is inspired by the classic small cottage hidden away deep in the woods. The use of bright vibrant colours, patterns and unique shapes creates a set that will be instantly perceived as a gingerbread house.

The 1114 piece set includes the following features:

  • Detachable top floor similar to the LEGO modular buildings to access the interior of the lower floor.
  • Lower floor featuring a kitchen with sink/cooktop, fireplace/oven with chimney and table/chairs.
  • The two sides of the roof fold back to reveal the interior of the upper floor.
  • Upper floor features a bed, wardrobe, floor rug and lamps with a warm and cosy feel.
  • Wooden staircase and mezzanine linking the two floors.
  • Large wooden front door, opening windows top and bottom and an exterior basement door.
  • The brick/stone elements, garden flowers and cottage fence form a quiet and secluded shelter.
  • Huge variety of small, rare colourful elements and will appeal to LEGO enthusiasts.

I believe this project would make a fantastic LEGO IDEAS set that would appeal to people of any age group; from children to adult collectors. The set could be marketed in a number of ways, such as a Christmas set with Santa and Elves minifigures, a fairy tale with two young children and a witch or purely as an anonymous gingerbread house with a couple of inhabitants. This set would likely sell for $100 - $150 depending upon the final production costs.

 Please support my idea and you could own your personal LEGO Gingerbread House.


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