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Infantry Assault Mech


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  I guess that it subconsciously bugged me that the photo I have been using for the past few months is the only photo of that creation that I have, so I finally decided to fix that issue by making a Lego ideas page about it.

  Introducing the infantry assault mech! It can hold anything your average minifig can (and a lot things it can't). It has six missiles and two pistols, one on each leg, that can be removed and held (the pistols, that is). It can move at the shoulders, elbows, wrists (they twist), hips, knees, ankles, and at two places in the cockpit (see the last photo), with seats for one. And, in case of emergencies, there is a hand gun on the back that the minifig can use. So, in short, ditch that dumb ol' Swiss Army Knife- this is way better!

  I tend to build things just to create- I love to create something new. This creation was a result of one of my creativity sprees that I tend to have. And that is why I think that this would be a good Lego set- it gives you the thrill of creating a cool little mech.

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