Product Idea

Infantry Assault Mech

It’s dying, but it might return


Well, let me start off with a thank you. This was my first project to hit 100, and it felt great to know people liked it. However, it doesn't look like it will make it; the trend predicts it won't reach 1k until late 2026, at which point it will have expired by roughly 5 years. So I turn to you, the people behind this project so far: if I get 20 comments saying that people want it to return, then I will put in the time to post the project again. If, however, it doesn't get those 20 comments I will take it as a sign that people will not make a return. 

Thank you again for your support guys; it means a lot.

The gun update, part II


When I posted the update, the photos didn’t load, so here they are. Hopefully they load this time.

the bigger gun update


Let me start by saying that, as most of my friends would know, I tend to lose things easily and commonly. Armored Bricks would know this, being my classmate for a while. So, after building a larger gun for the infantry assault mech, I realized that I didn't know where it was. I searched all over my house for it and couldn't find it. I was about to give up and just post the gun without the mech, when I saw that my mom had put it on one of the highest counters in our kitchen, most likely to keep our cat from getting to it. Silly us!


In order to get the gun to attach to the back of the mech, I had to modify the way certain things were on the back, so the antena is in a different spot andit no longer has room to hold the minifig's hand gun. But I think it was worth it, as it looks pretty cool with the gun on the back. The gun has red highlights to contrast the blue ones on the pistols and an adjustable front handle so it can be held and stored on the back.


 Thank you for your support of my project.