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The Wizard's Tower

Hello, my name is Samuel, glad you stopped by!

The Idea

The Wizard's Tower is a fantasy themed build, inspired by the archetypical character of the wise old scholar, residing in solitude atop an ancient magical tower. Influence is also taken from the famous fairy tale of the frog prince; the set depicts a princess who, accompanied one of her royal guards and a skilled forester, has come seeking advice from the old wizard. In her hand, she holds the love of her life - previously a charming prince, now trapped by a curse in the body of a little green frog. She hopes the wizard break the curse, and return her prince back to her.

The Build

  • Roof and Spire – Includes a dormer window.

  • The Wizards Office –The highest room of the tower. Includes a Magical Grandfather Clock, lectern, and a writing table. Attached is a balcony with a built-in telescope.

  • The Kitchen & Laboratory – Where all the cooking and potion brewing takes place. Includes a counter with potions, a shelf, a cauldron, and wood burning stove. Attached is a chimney which climbs its way up the side of the tower.

  • The Study – The entrance to the tower. Includes a bookshelf and a magic crystal ball. The entrance to the tower faces a large window with a sturdy wooden frame.

  • The Cell – Where the enemies of the old wizard end up. Includes an openable cell with built in chains, a key, a rat, and a skeleton. The exterior of the cell is entangled in thick vines and peculiar plants, sprouting strange, violet flowers.

  • The Base and Spiral Staircase – The ground upon which the tower was built. Overgrown by mushrooms and wild flora, with a path leading up to a wooden spiral staircase.

Dimensions and Technicalities

  • Width: 19cm
  • Length: 24cm
  • Height: 45cm
  • Number of parts: 1883

  • The Wizard
  • The Princess (and her Frog Prince)
  • The Royal Guard
  • The Forester
  • Creatures - a Frog, a Cat and a Rat

A Final Word
If you have read all the way to this point, I hope the build has caught your attention, and you would like to see it on the shelves as an official LEGO set! If it did, I would be very happy if you would consider supporting the project, and maybe, if you want to stay updated on what I’m doing, give me a follow. If you have any comments, be it praise, criticism, or anything else, they are very welcome; I’ve only gotten back to LEGO very recently, so any feedback is welcome, and will be considered.

Thank you,


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