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Motorized Howl's Moving Castle


Hoe hoe hoe! Merry Xmas!

Hoe hoe hoe! The moving castle wishes everyone a holy joly Christmas!
We are so close to the huge milestone of 4000 votes!

Makes sure to share this project during family gatherings, but more importantly, stay off the phone and have some quality time :).


2000 votes!

Woohoo! We got to 2000 in 30 days!

I thought that it might be a good time to release some of the WIP shots I took since so many of you were curious about what the mechanism was researched and built!

The whole build relies on the movement of a single motor, I started with the movement of the legs and then linked the right front leg with the bottom jaw.

The tongue was then attached to the beam linking the front leg and jaw.
As you can notice, a rotating cross axle pokes out at the back, which would allow me to move the chimney and the small wings situated on the back of each side.

I'll save further wip content for the next milestone tho ;)
Job's not finished, now onto 3000!


1000 votes!

Horray! We reached our first major milestone of 1000 votes in 20 days!

In the meanwhile I also printed out some sMOL postcards for my friends, pretty cool don't you think ;)

Getting to 1000 in this amount of time is something to be proud of, considering the project has relatively limited online exposure, so we can say it got its vote by its own merits.
Thank you all.

However, just as Kobe says: "Job's not finished".
Now onto 2000!

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