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Rubik's Cube

I propose that Rubik's Cube LEGO sets be made in 2 scales, as shown. A small version that is not functional, and a large version that is.

The smaller scale is nearly the same size as the real Rubik's Cube, but is unable to turn in all directions. It would have 2x2 tiles on all sides, which could be changed around, but would be more for display purposes. The middle red tile could have the LEGO logo printed on it, and the middle white tile could have the Rubik's Cube logo printed on it, or as a sticker.

The larger scale, about twice the size in each direction (8x the volume), would be able to turn in all 3 directions. Thus, it could be scrambled and solved. A new element could be made, Tile 4x4, for which this set would be a great way to buy large quantities. Otherwise, the Plate 4x4s shown would work, and keep production costs lower.

The way I built the larger scale model is functional, in that it allows turning in all 3 directions, but the sections do not stay together as well as I would like. I have an alternate method in mind, but do not have the pieces I need to try it out.

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