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Yulan - City Flower Of Shanghai


Built it physically, updated the structural design & gave up the brick vase

Finally I'm able to receive the bricks I ordered for this set in Shanghai.

I built it physically then I realize that the 3-stud-diameter steering wheel does not fit the type of clips that I use for petals. I have to replace it with the 4-stud-diameter ones that are commonly used in the official bouquet set. Consequently the dimensions of the flowers are lifted.

I also found the flowers too heavy for the lite-weight vase to stand stable. Since I insist that the vase should have the glass-like transparency. I gave up the brick solution and have a classic IKEA glass vase to be a perfect replacement.

Lately, I revisit the places where I remember there are beautiful Yulan trees. I record how they are now in early summer and compare it with the moments that they were blooming in my photo albums. We are really missing a lot of things last spring.

Thank you all again for your kind support!

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