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Yulan - City Flower Of Shanghai


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Yulan, more specifically "White Yulan", is the city flower of my hometown Shanghai. This is the brick design of a Yulan flower branch in a glass vase.

The flower is pure white with 9 layered petals. I use wedge and curve slope parts for the petals, and clip them on 2 small steering wheels.

The woody branch (and its sub-branches) consists of technic connectors of different angles. It has a total length of around 30 cm (11.8"). I assume this dimension is compatible with the Flower Bouquet set.

Transparent panels form a glass vase of 13.0 cm (5.1") height.

This design is a beautiful interior decoration for flower lovers who appreciate the purity of Yulan.

*This is a typical Yulan tree that flowers (usually before the leaves come out) in its prime.

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